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Keeping up With The Colorful 2018 Trendy Kitchen Designs

por Shantae Skemp (02/07/2020)

Now that it is some time since we bid goodbye to the previous year, let us see what 2018 has to offer!
Incorporating a few fun elements, phượng hoàng cổ trấn perhaps kitchens could be highlighted into dreamscapes with the drudgery now seeming like a breeze.

A sea of blue can be stunning indeed

Kitchens in 2018 are acquiring intense blue shades that are indeed welcome.

A midnight blue kitchen island would set many people working and gossiping during those rare lovely evenings with family and friends. Bright colors are forecast in all the home areas for the year and why not, really? Do you fancy bright blue kitchen appliances among the many bright shades that are available?

A stove and hood combo in a retro industrial design does make a chic statement and injects several doses of a powerful zing into the workspace.

A rhapsody of colors!

Along with blue that might indicate royalty besides the sky and the sea, many other cool colors are making the scene.

While color is getting universal, it is certain that everybody loves them and not children alone. Fun shades fill the ambiance with happiness and that is what the world is in search of, isn't it?

Sinks that copy rainbow shades

Countertops match sinks and the pantry, all in bright yellow, that stands out from the gray industrial environment.

A big kitchen space does need a focal point that contrasts with the rest of the picture.

Cabinets with transparent fronts

Though not new, cabinets with glass fronts are trending in 2018, becoming cute display units for crockery or trương gia giới little figures.
Such units create depth through transparency. Maintain the display well and free from dust.

Door designs

Glass doors with designs combine the modern and rustic elements in a green kitchen perhaps.

You feel in tune at once with modernity and eternity.

Expressive Floors

Classic wooden floors are forever and 2018 makes floors so important. Install small or large tiles, as colorful as desired or in muted shades.

What about minimalist approaches?

Minimalism does impose a clean lined and no frills pattern, at once disciplined and inspiring.

Floors could be colorfully designed with gold fittings, blue cabinets and open shelves.

The rugging floor design

A carpet that never fades! Tile arrangements on the floor with designed tiles in the center that are surrounded by plain colors on the four sides create the impression of a carpet.

The New Year prefers such patterns, certainly an intensely dramatic approach to floor tiles.

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