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The future of new skyscrapers in

por Micah Mcfadden (02/07/2020)

The future of new skyscrapers in London was today in doubt with many of Britain's workers now told they might not return to the office until next summer.

Companies are giving up or downsizing their offices as they change their working structure following the coronavirus lockdown imposed three months ago.

And there are now fears that huge developments still under construction in the City could be put on hold with developers concerned about opening empty.

Some firms have already left their London offices while others are looking at 'workplace clubs' where they would use a building for a few days each month.

It comes amid fears for the likes of gyms, sandwich shops and tour trương gia giới bars in city centre areas near offices, whose trade is likely to remain low in the coming months. 

Deloitte consultants said some big construction schemes could pause.

In the City of London, tour trương gia giới these could include the 984ft 1 Undershaft, also known as 'The Trellis' due to its cross bracing

The 56-storey tower The Diamond (centre) is among the skyscrapers set to change the London skyline in the coming years, and it will be the City of London's third tallest building at 814ft

The Bishopsgate Goodsyard towers development is another that could have to be paused

Consultants at Deloitte said some large construction schemes are likely to pause as people continue to work from home - with many unlikely to return until 2021. 


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Among the major buildings currently under construction in the capital are 1 Undershaft, the Diamond and the Bishopsgate Goodsyard towers.