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Poirier told cornerman he was 'having a blast' in win over Hooker

por Tanisha Beauchamp (02/07/2020)

Footage has emerged of Dustin Poirier sensationally admitting he was 'having a blast' during his UFC Fight of the Year contender with Dan Hooker on Saturday night.

The lightweight's startling interaction with his cornerman has gone viral just days after Poirier had claimed his first win in the Octagon since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in September 2019.

Poirier was forced to endure a brutal second round but rallied superbly in the main event at UFC Fight Night: Austin to be crowned the victor by unanimous decision.  

Dustin Poirier told his cornerman he was 'having a blast' during his UFC bout with Dan Hooker

Poirier clinched his first win since late last year after beating Hooker by unanimous decision

"I'm having a blast."


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An American Top Team coach asked the 31-year-old whether he was 'having fun' between the third and fourth rounds of the headline bout.

'Having a blast, yeah,' a bullish Poirier fired back while receiving treatment from his cutman. 

The cornerman then urged Poirier to 'stay focused' - and the powerful American duly responded after winning the final two rounds. 

Poirier had spent nine months out of the cage, trương gia giới the longest stretch of his career without a showdown, and was paired up with a tough competitor in Hooker.

The 31-year-old had endured a tough second round before rallying at UFC Fight Night: Austin

It went to scorecards and Poirier was declared the winner on the night after a five-round epic

The pair staged a spectacle at an empty Apex Center, and both were even taken to hospital sporting gruesome facial injuries. 

The newly-crowned winner Poirier later said: 'It was a tough one, Dan came to fight.

He's a tough guy. He's on the rise. He really thought he was going to get past me. I trusted in my team, in my skill and my work ethic.

'Maybe I'll fight at the end of the year. Maybe I'll fight next year. 

'Now that I'm a victor again, I want to get back to the drawing board.
I just want to do it right and give it my all the right way.' 

Poirier went to hospital in an ambulance after his victory on Saturday with gruesome injuries

And Hooker was also taken to hospital with a beaten and bloody face following the brutal fight

And, despite his defeat, Hooker also appeared in good spirits while addressing his followers in a social media video.

The clip shows off his bruised face and bloody right eye after his treatment. 

'Hey everyone, just back at the hotel with the lads,' Hooker said. 

'Having a feast, just got checked out of the hospital, everything is all good, just a couple of stitches on the eye.
But hey, that's the game the game we play no worries.

'Just a small setback and then I'll be back.' 

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