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SharePoint 2010 Vs SharePoint 2013-Comparison Overview

por Romaine Upshaw (02/07/2020)

Server of SharePoint 2013 bought lots of visible improvements to SharePoint 2010 precursor. This new version of SharePoint has some exiting new features such as social feed, SharePoint apps, cross site publishing etc. The experience of Microsoft's cloud is also apparent with SharePoint 2013 scalability and excellent new features.

Some of the basic differences are:

Document collaboration

Drag and drop facility is available in SharePoint 2013 which helps the businesses to upload document to SharePoint libraries (without opening the library in 'explorer view'). This saves lots of time of the business and du lịch ba li one can easily perform this task without too much of hassle.

Search functionality

There has been a significant improvement in the search functionality from SharePoint 2010 to 2013. Now search remembers what you have previously searched and display these values in the recently searched items. It also shows how many times a result has been viewed etc. Result pages also allows you to go through power point presentation without leaving the page.

Expertise location

This features is also refined in SharePoint 2013, wherein now a person can follow people to see updates based on their newsfeed and what they are publishing. There is also a display of the recent documents authored by that person which you are following, to make sure you do not miss an update.

Social computing

This feature became the USP of SharePoint 2013. They bought heaps lots of new and improved features in social computing sector. They actually bought lots of features of Facebook, Twitter together with # and @ tags. Now the user can easily get noticed with all these features and make sure his post is readable to all.

Collaborating workgroup

It becomes very easy to collaborate with others outside the workgroup on the individual documents. Every document comes with a "share" button which is very easily visible on the document. User can invite any person to 'edit' the document but, all the invitations should be approved by the site owner.

Mobile access

2013 version of SharePoint has optimized the mobile browser experience. It provides a lightweight, modern view browsing experience to users to navigate and access document libraries, wiki's etc. office web apps now allow you to view word, excel and PowerPoint documents in the mobile browser.

Customized look and feel

New features in 2013 version, minimize the efforts required by the designer to customize the look and feel of it. Designers can use their preferred tool such as Dreamweaver to develop design for SharePoint.

More so, SharePoint 2013 is the best product of 2013 and it is ruling out all the other major platforms in terms of performance and usability. With this new version, Microsoft is also trying to make a mark in the social field which is their dream. We are not sure whether they will be able to also rule the social market but certainly they will be ruling the application market for upcoming time.

If we consider all these above said point, we can certainly say that SharePoint 2013 is certainly better than SharePoint 2010. Lots of improved features as well as new introduction of features is what market was expecting from this version update. Let's hope that we also see some other amazing new version of SharePoint in future.

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