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Master Plan 2025 for Growing Real Estate Jaipur

por Clyde Keller (02/07/2020)

Various proposed developments are lined up in the Jaipur Master Plan 2025 which are expected to revive the picture of the city. All possible efforts are being made to give a boost to the wonderful capital city of Rajasthan.

This article talks about some basic ingredients of this wonderful plan which aims to help the real estate Jaipur grow and flourish. There are various options to make it a better city in all possible aspects. Let us study these important points which are a part of Jaipur Master Plan 2025.

Jaipur Metro Rail Network

The plan of metro rail will give a wonderful boost to real estate Jaipur. It is considered to be one of the most important growth stimulators. It aims at connecting different parts of the city in two different phases. The first phase, also known as East West Corridor will soon open for public use. The property, land and flat prices along this belt have already started to increase.

Ring Road

This project is slated around Jaipur. In the first two phases, a 47 km long road will be connecting three main roads- Ajmer Road, Tonk Road and Agra Road. In the next phase, a 97.75 km long road will connect Ajmer Road, Sikar Road, Delhi Road and Agra Road. This will make the movement of traffic a lot smoother and easier in and around the city. It is envisioned to be a signal free and toll free expressway with commercial and residential development on both the sides.

Dedicated Freight Corridor

DFC will through Jaipur touching 22 districts in Rajasthan. It is a 1483 km long road which connects Jawaharlal Nehru Port near Mumbai to Dadri close to Delhi. This will also create a ground for more investments in property, flats, residential and commercial spaces thereby giving a boost to real estate Jaipur. Realtors are expecting to have wonderful development in this belt.

Bus Rapid Transit Service

BRTS was launched to manage the city's traffic in coming years. The North-South Corridor and East-West Corridor are a part of the first phase which aims at connecting important roads thereby making it easier for people to commute. Real estate Jaipur expects to have wonderful residential and commercial development along the sides.

Real estate Jaipur already has so many factors working in its favor in terms of property, plots, land and other spaces. It's easy connectivity with Delhi, affordable rates of lands and tour trung quoc plots, good returns and several options offered by reputed builders having numerous projects and townships here. There is no doubt that with such amazing projects in pipeline, there are multiple opportunities that lie to be explored.

Author is a freelance writer. She has been writing articles, blogs and press releases for various online publications. Now she is talking about the how Master Plan for 2025 will transform the picture of by initiating the process of growth.