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California, 22 other states sue Trump administration over fuel economy rules - Roadshow

por Bobbye Dieter (02/07/2020)

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Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the lawsuit will defend the Clean Car Act.
State of California Department of Justice

On Wednesday, California, along with 22 other states and tử cấm thành bắc kinh the District of Columbia served the Trump administration a new lawsuit. The coalition, which California leads, directly challenges the Trump administration's latest Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles (SAFE) rule put into effect this past March.SAFE replaces the Obama administration-era Clean Car Act, which put the US on a trajectory to increase new car fuel economy in big ways through 2026. Specifically, it required 5% fuel economy improvements across an automaker's fleet each year. The Trump administration did away with the regulation and installed SAFE, which calls for 1.5% increases annually, though it originally called for freezing fuel economy figures at 2020 levels.To put the improvements in miles per gallon-speak, the Clean Car Act would have resulted in a corporate-wide average of 54 mpg. The Trump administration standards lower the improvement to 40.4 mpg.