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Act Pro 2013 - A Solution To Maintain A Sustainable Relationship With Customers

por Marion Drake (02/07/2020)

Are you a small business owner looking for an efficient customer relationship management solution? If yes then the improved version of Act Pro 2013 is one of the most effective ways to solve the CRM issues. It is considered as the top selling customer management software. Act Pro 2013 features a wide array of beneficial tools which help you to keep your clients' information safe, organized and accessible. It also helps you to keep your customers engaged and maintain a healthy, sustainable and profitable relationship with them.

This version of Act Pro works with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel. Ensure that you have Word, Outlook and Excel installed in your PC in order to use the integration features of Act!2013. Once installed, it helps you to organize client details at one significant place, allowing you to market your services efficiently and drive sales results effortlessly. There are numerous examples to signify how diverse business types benefit from Act Pro.

Benefits of Act Pro 2013

  • It enables users to keep a harmonious relationship with their contacts by sending them updates and promos in the form of emails and letters which looks extremely professional.
  • It assists users to organize their customer information in one place. It efficiently track sales and access details from various smart tools with Connect add-on.
  • Desktop notepad enables you to capture notes quickly. It also creates prioritized 'To Do List' with smart task and scratchpad schedule automated processes, helping you to utilize them in other business related projects.
  • It allows you to manage your sales by creating a dashboard for quick overview of sales, generate sales orders, tour hạ long track sales opportunities for successful business growth.

Most important, in a shared business environment, tour du lịch hạ long Act Pro is suitable to work with up to 10 users and if you have more than that, it is required to install Act Premium 2013. Act Premium combines all the features of Act Pro. The features of Act Premium are listed below:

  • It enhances security settings
  • Can seamlessly interact with desktop and web-based productivity tools as well as various social media such as Linkedin, gmail, Outlook and more.
  • Advanced sync and advanced options.
  • Group scheduling

Downloading Act Pro or Premium 2013 is extremely easy as there are millions of online portals that are available to help you download the same. Sitting within the comforts of home, you can browse several websites and purchase Act Pro 2013 as per your system requirements.

Henceforth, download Act Premium 2013 and manage your customer details effortlessly.

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