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What is the difference of kitchen counter to a kitchen counter top - Answers

por Micheline Osorio (02/07/2020)

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What is the normal kitchen counter top height?
36 inches from the floor to the counter top surface. Verify at website of Nation Kitchen and Bath Association.

What is the height a kitchen counter top should be?
Kitchen base cabinets are 34 1/2" tall and when you add countertop which is 1 1/2 the height to the top of the counter top is 36

What is the recomended height of kitchen counter tops?
The normality for nearly every kitchen counter top in the US is 36 inches starting from the floor to the top of the counter. This has been the cabinet industry's standard for a long time.

Does a kitchen counter top fit a vanity?
no Never has a people do this

Will putting dark granite counter top make the kitchen smaller?
No. The kitchen will be the same size.

What is the dirtiest item in a kitchen?
counter Counters can be dirty, but kitchen dishrags, sponges and can openers will probably top the list.

Can marble be used in the kitchen?
Yes, marble is a common counter-top material.

What is standard height for kitchen island?
same height as your kitchen counter Kitchen counters/ islands are typically 3'-0" high but sometimes a raised portion is installed at 'bar' height and that could be about 8" +/- higher than the counter top.

How do you say kitchen counter in spanish?
A kitchen counter is an encimera, a store counter is a mostrador, a bar counter is a barra, a post office counter is a ventanilla.

What would eat a banana sitting on a counter top in the kitchen?
Sounds like a rodent/mammal.

What are the pros and cons for using granite counter tops in a kitchen remodel?
Granite counter tops are very favorable in the kitchen selections. They have great personality and looks. They are also resistant to a lot like water resistant. A con of granite counter top

What is the standard overhang for kitchen counter to fit a bar stool?
kitchen counter overhang

What is an island kitchen floor plan?
It just means the kitchen will have a island counter top in it. Kitchens with an island tend to be larger and have more cabinet space.

Is it impossible to have a television in the kitchen?
Sure. My Grandma does. No, its not impossible to have a TV in the kitchen. You should have a cable connection installed in the wall just above the counter top.

How much to install kitchen counter top?
Need more info... Material type,style specs

What is the best kitchen counter top and sink cleaner?
There are certainly different responses to this question. Based on its ability to kill germs and its cleaning power, many people will name Lysol as the best kitchen counter and sink cleaner.

How do you say kitchen counter in french?
Kitchen counter could translate by "comptoir de cuisine / comptoir"

What is the difference between gravity and electricity?
Electricity is what makes your kitchen appliances go. Gravity is what holds them down on the counter.

What is a kitchen countertop and its function?
a kitchen counter top is what most people prepair their meals on. it is a flat work space in a kitchen which also may have room for appliances. it can be made of many materials ranging from stone like granite, wood, or linoleum. the price range also may widely vary deepening on the size you want and the material. i would say an average cost for a kitchen counter top should be somewhere around $300.

Which makes a better counter top material in the kitchen, granite or marble?
Granite would be the better choice simply becaue it

What is the standard height of kitchen counter?
In kitchen the standard height for the counter is 36''. but that depends on counter top thickness and standard cabinetry heights. This can vary even more based on kitchen's size and preference. The designing diagram shows which height will determine comfortable work surface. For more information visit at:

What is the standard kitchen counter heigth?
The standard kitchen counter height is 36 inches for the work surface. The counter height for a seated area is 32 inches, and the counter for standing height is 45 inches.

What color would go with dark paneling and white and gold flake counter top and old kitchen tools?
A light brown color like a tope. It will allow the white and gold flake counter top to stand out as well as the dark trim, but not too much. It will compliment the old kitchen tools nicely too.

What is the standard Kitchen counter depth in inches?
Counter depth is the key for functional comfortable kitchen design. The standard Kitchen counter depth is 25 inches (63.5cm) or 30 inches (76cm). For more information browse at:

Can you paint a kitchen counter top with Latex Melamine paint?
I wouldn't. The surface will never stand up to regular kitchen work. Better to buy a sheet of arborite, formica or something and glue it on.

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