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Effects of Jupiter Transit 2018 in Scorpio For Gemini Sign

por Margarito Sayers (02/07/2020)

The benevolent planet Jupiter will be moving to Scorpio from the sign Libra on October 11, 2018. Jupiter will be transiting the 6th House from your Moon sign, which is an unfavorable position for this planet. From this placement, Jupiter will have influence on the 2nd house, the house of wealth and family, the 10th house, the house of career and power, and the 12th house, the house of expenditure and foreign travel.

This transit period shall have a normal impact on your life. Your work would get completed with extra efforts. Take immediate action on all activities, and do not keep any pending work. Everybody would give importance to commitments given by you, trương gia giới and you need to fulfill them without any delay. You would prioritize your work to gain success in all activities. You may get onsite opportunities in work as a reward for your persistent efforts. You would improve skills, which shall be supportive at workplace.

Business and Career - Career wise, you may get multiple tasks to finish in your career. Do not be hasty while giving commitments. You need to attempt every work and finish it. Your work would be appreciated by your superiors, but with some delay. Your long pending desire would get fulfilled now. You may travel abroad for an important chore in career. Business growth would depend on your strength. Your hectic work may not allow you to handle multiple projects. You should finish your work one by one, and give assurance on your commitments.

Finance - Financial progress would be normal during this Jupiter transit. You may incur unnecessary expenditure for your personal needs. However, you would be able to clear your debts completely. You may get additional finance and your friends may offer financial assistance at times of need.

Family - Your family life would be average. You may deny on fulfilling your responsibilities. Misunderstandings in relationship may cause continuous tension. Give sufficient time for resolving issues, otherwise it may break relationships.

Education - This transit period shall be supportive for your education. Your hard efforts are very much needed at this time. You need to control your emotions and try to view things practically. Avoid being stubborn in your studies. Jupiter naturally brings out your hidden skills.

Love and Marriage - During this transit, couples may not have a cordial relationship. There may be dissatisfaction in love and relationships. Miscommunications may cause confusions and create issues on sensitive matters. You may not be able to convince your partner, which shall add to your stress. Be patient and try to understand things naturally. Delay for getting alliance is likely to be. You may find it difficult to take immediate decision and may keep them pending for some time.

Health - Your health condition may need special attention during this transit. Your carelessness on health may create issues. Do not neglect minor health issues. Be cautious and take preventive action by undergoing medical check-up to avoid health problems.

Home Remedies

Chant the mantra "Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah" 108 times daily

Do fasting on Thursdays

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