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404 Error When Get Contact Photo From Yahoo Api

por Reva James (24/08/2020)

404 error when GET contact photo from Yahoo API

Looks like
Yahoo contacts API is mostly dead/broken.It is well documented in their
book, but in reality some of its features do not work [anymore]. These broken features include single-field requests (either
PUT), field-collection requests like
/contact/ID/emails(again, regardless of HTTP method), and as you noticed image fetching.It is still possible to create new contact or remove an existing one, because multiple-contacts and single-contact endpoints are alive. But it is
not possible to edit an existing contactor
to get contact image.

In addition, this API doesn't set any
CORSheaders which makes it impossible to use this API from the browser directly.
(How to fix from Yahoo side: add
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *header to API endpoints. How to workaround from client side: use your backend as a proxy)

There is a
page, linked from their developers' main page, which claims to be the
documentation for a current version of Yahoo Social API, but
this page is brokenas well. It has links to "documentation" and "forum", both with empty
hrefleading to the same page. And the only working link is to the aforementioned REST API book which is labelled "Legacy API".


  • There is probably some new version of API but it is not documented anywhere, the page designated for documentation is broken.

  • There is a good docs for "older" version of API, but the API itself is not fully functional.

  • Web version of Contacts app (in Yahoo Mail) uses its own backend, not the public API, and requests are protected with cookies rather than OAuth keys. Hence we cannot easily use this API, although it is probably the only working way to get the required information.

UPD:asked them in
Uservoice, please vote. Hopefully someone will finally look into this issue.

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