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The Next Eight Things To Immediately Do About Tropical Fish Care Tips

por Jeanette Donoghue (24/08/2020)

Betta_spawning.jpgThe biggest factor for maintenance is tank stability. As long as things are all running properly as well as your fish are healthy, you shouldn't have for any major change, even if the pH or hardness seems to be slightly out of range; only increases or decreases in the major aquarium water parameters will need your careful but immediate attention.

Obviously the exception here is if you might have live plants inside your tank. They will, of course, require a full 12 hours of overhead lighting every day. However, live plants will suck up many of the nutrients algae needs for survival, as well as in themselves will keep algae levels under control.

Better to do your own research and understand your pet before purchase. You’d do this if you were buying a dog, right?

As a fish owner, you also need to ask your dog sitter should they have experience caring for an aquarium of your particular size or specific varieties of fish you have, but set up professional pet sitter’s fact is no, you could still opt to book services based on the pet sitter’s reputation, amount of experience and training within the pet-care industry. Professional pet sitters typically adapt quickly when given detailed instructions, of course, if desired, you are able to ask if these are willing to do a "trial run" prior to the actual services are required.

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