Quality assurance in the training of primary education teachers and adult educators in Mozambique


  • Joana Paulo Mondlane Nhancale ISET - Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnologia – One World, Posto Administrativo de Changalane, Distrito de Namaacha, Moçambique. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1435-4953




The present text, entitled Quality Assurance in the Training of Primary Education Teachers and Adult Educators in Mozambique, aims to provide some information on how to guarantee the quality of the training of primary teachers and adult educators, taking into account the instruments regulators of the professional technical education subsystem, as well as the essential requirements for achieving the training of teachers and adult educators in Mozambique. Thus, as a methodology, bibliographic research was used, which is why the present text is of a qualitative nature, for whose elaboration it was so important to resort to national legislation, regulations and diverse bibliography that deals with quality assurance.